Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we live (Here) in the Present

wIe live (Here) in the Present
by whati s. past and inth e. future

wIe live (Here) in the Present
wIe wallow in the past
wIe bite into the apple (that can never, ever last)

wIe live and Love and push and shove and search for something (pleasant)
wIe think about the future, Now,
wIe live (Here) in the Present

* it's nice... to experience the present.

* it's also fun, to wallow in the past.  .One might argue that (here, any-way), that the past is All wIe (really) know, as wIe process the Present.  .after All, the present would be meaning-less with-out the ability to See past the present.


* it's also fun, to dream about (and to co-Create) the future. .each of us has done this, which is the reason why wIe can experience our past Presents in the first place!

* they tell you to live in the Present..... ...but (as dr. john nash might say) "incomplete!"

* they tell you to forget about the past..... ...but why (on earth) would wIe ever want to do that, even if we could..does anyone want to have no me-mory?

* maybe "they" don't know what they're spouting about. ...maybe wIe decide our focus and intention, Here and Now, future/past, happy/sad -- no matter what anyone else says.

* maybe wIe like our addictions and attachments. ..maybe we like our drama. ..maybe wIe (really, Really) do know best -- in regard to how our own Play unfurls and unfolds.

* maybe it is I'mpossible not to live in the Present, even as wIe contemplate our futures and pasts.

* maybe wIe (All-ready) live Here -- in the Present.

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