Thursday, April 28, 2011

reflection = expression

reflection and expression
by r. e. pression

reflection and expression
dance a little, dance
play a little play, a little game of fate and chance

reflection and expression
dream a little dream
dare to be so different (but that's just how it seems)


if "the created" is a reflection of the All, and
if the All is Love, and
if Love is Gd, then that which is manifest, being Gd, would feel good.

if that which is manifest strives to survive (and feel better), and
if it evolves, and
if it can be no-thing but It-Self, then the created would Be (expressing).

* doesn't every living thing (including suicidal cancer) strive to survive?
* doesn't every living thing re-produce (in its own image)?
* doesn't every living thing, in its process of survival and reproduction, express itself?

if so, then the reflection is Itself -- an Expression.

-the middle.

if "feeling good" (here) is relative, then every feeling could be described as "good" ...relative to that which might feel worse.

in that way, the crawling, aging caterpillar might feel good, even though s/he could be mis-perceived (by the butterfly) to be trapped, landlocked, and bound to cocoon.


this may just be a repressed perception, but:
reflection = expression

-the end.

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