Friday, April 29, 2011

indecent proposal

you may know that dick and mary laura are getting married this weekend, in geneva, alabama.

what you (probably) don't know...

yes, ladies and gentlemen, lenny and pete and jim popped the question(s) to mary laura, while letting her know that she'd be making a big mistake by marrying dick (instead of one of us).

note tricky (above), in the background, sobbing...

the rings were quite expensive, but you can't put a price on LOVE, baby!

as you can see (above), she accepted.

i think i'm registered at trader joe's, sam's club and best buy..not sure about jim, pete, or m.l. and the trickster.

we consummated the engagement (of course) with some frolicking in the pond, followed by a feast.

the answer to your question is: "yes, being down on one knee, saying 'will you marry me?' was both traumatic and electrifying, simultaneously."

-the beginning?

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