Thursday, March 24, 2011

walking meditation (revisited)

tonight, during yoga, we experienced a "walking meditation," outside of the yoga studio. ..i asked the students to write down a couple of thoughts, and here's a sampling of what they wrote:

"calm, nature-like, serene, peaceful, everything is in unison: one.   
..togetherness. ..every creature and plant work together."

"the silky texture of the grass
the way the grass moved when the wind blew
the lady bug, holding onto a stick
the sun, warming my face."

"things look more perfect in a larger perspective."

"fresh air. ..wind on my face.
cool tufts of grass, mixed with dried, dead grass.
walk into the sun - drawn to it."

"amazed at how much more you notice w/o shoes -- and when you take time to notice."

"the rustling of leaves, flowing in the wind."

"while walking, i noticed sound the most."

"warm sun, soft grass, even pace."

"hear the wind, blowing softly
while the cold ground at my toes
the softness of the mud, the roughness of the dry grass
to stay still and just listen to the earth.
i felt at peace with the earth,
just staying still, relaxing enough to just listen and feel at peace with yourself
i felt like me, i felt the peace i once had
i felt the freedom in this motion
i felt the warmth of the sun, touching my face
a soul being, relieved from sadness and sorrow
i felt the energy of the earth coming from these motions."

"years of living make me believe that wind this strong (and cold) is bringing rain soon.
i'm most at peace outside after dark.  too much light is distracting.
i don't feel like i'm meditating, 
so much as taking time to appreciate and be grateful for the world i live in.
my feet are never surprised by the different textures
crunching leaves... what a great sound.  
a trip to the mountains is going to be necessary soon."

"soothing chill. freedom.
warm sunshine: dark red, bright red, orange, yellow.
birds welcoming the spring and the sun.

....don't want to go back inside, walking on slick glass.
darkness.  .trapped again."

"shade.  cool grass.  blue sky.  
bask in the warmth of the sun. 
new blades of grass on tender soles.  rustling of the leaves.
wind, direction and temperature change when turning direction.  
texture of the weeds.  
deep thick blanket of grass..."


* reading these notes re-Minds me of how lucky i am, to be associated with student teachers who sense deeply, express warmly, and shine like the sun.

thank you,

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