Saturday, March 26, 2011


by s. t. aging

stages in the morning
stages on the street
stages would be nice, we go through
stages when we meet

stages when we play (away) and
stages as we sleep

it's a world of stages (we can laugh or sigh or weep)

if "all of the world is a stage," and
if we are here, then
we must be playing a role.

what if every role was Perfectly Perfect?
what if every line was written with Divine In-Spiration?
what if every mistake was, in actuality, part of the Perfection of the Play?
what if every person was, in Reality, a co-Star?

what if the whole thing was a process, with no way to lose, with actors and actresses who are bound to Dance together, once the scene is over?

what if the Whole thing was Fun, and the times that we experience as "bad" are those times when we are at our best, getting lost in the drama, lost in the role, consumed by the Play?

what if every stage of every scene of every thought of every nanosecond was Perfection, acting in such a way as to give us the experience of duality (good/bad, happy/sad, up/down, etc.)?

if all of the world is a stage, then:

the left is Right
the shadow is the Light
the meek is the Power-full
the rain is no-thing more than nourishment, disguised as the antithesis of that which it Really Is.

-the end.

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