Thursday, February 10, 2011

thieves 2, prius 1

alternative title: "at least they didn't get the cashews"

you get a weird feeling, as you approach your car and see one of your gloves on the ground.  the first thought is "did i drop that, somehow?"

the second thought is "uh, oh."

yes, my family/friends, several cars at reafield villiage were broken into last night.  it appears as though someone really needed several g.p.s. devices..presently, i'm in the process of calling insurance companies, signing police reports, and cleaning up broken glass.

since an apartment fire burned several homes in this complex a couple of months ago, i've been keeping my laptop in my car. ..all of those passwords, bank codes, personal information, etc., etc.

life is Good: they did not get the laptop.
life is Good: the only damage is to the driver's side window.
life is Good: i've got supportive colleagues, at work.
life is Good: i've got a good insurance company.
life is Good.

i'd like to take this moment to write down a few positive thoughts, projected toward those who committed the larceny:

* i hope that you can someday get to a place in your life where you don't have the need (or desire) to steal.
* i hope that you can someday Forgive others who might do you wrong.
* i hope that your life gets better.

of course, there are a few other "i hopes" (flowing through the mind) that aren't so positive, but my goal is to focus on the positive.'s an opportunity to "practice what you teach."

at least they didn't get the cashews. 


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