Friday, February 18, 2011

"if it ain't broke"

"if you don't know how to fix it...
...please, stop breaking it."
-severn suzuki (age 13)

(one of the best lines i've ever heard) 

find it in the short video, below:

yes, the message was several years ago, and yes, it seems as if nobody listened. but you did, or you wouldn't be reading this silly blog.

YOU know that individual, like-minded decisions can change the world. Know that natural food is better (for us and the globe) than processed junk "pseudo-food." ..wIe already Know what is Good for us, and every choice we make (in fact, every thought we think) sets in motion a snowball of energy that is incomprehensible.

does "positive thinking" work?

in my Uni-Verse, yes it does.

how is it working in yours?

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