Friday, February 25, 2011

dear josephine

26 february, 2011

to: Josephine T. Martineau
24 concannon street

dear mom,

the purpose of this letter (on your 80th birthday) is to state the obvious: i (and wIe) LOVE you!

thank you (and dad) for finding each other, over 60 years ago, and thank you for getting married. .thank you for giving birth to seven of the most wonder-full human beings that a person could ever know.

thank you for providing my brothers and sisters with the opportunity to raise their own incredible families. .from grandparents to great-grandchildren, the Whole family tree is one of Love.anyone who has ever met this family would enthusiastically agree.

enthusiasm: enthusiasm is but one of the many gifts that you have given to us.  .without even trying, you’ve set the example for how to enjoy life.  .without the use of “self-help” books and videos, you (intuitively) know that the secret to Happiness is a positive attitude.  .when anyone observes your offspringings, they observe a reflection of you.

smile: your smile is, and has always been -- infectious.  .you (Truly) light up any room.  .you light up your friends and family.  .you are Light Itself..the reason why we are able to withstand the challenges of this earthly experience is that we’ve watched you and dad dance the dance a million times over (and over again).  you’ve shown us that (Truly) there is nothing to fear.

laughter: if laughter equals health (and it does), then your family is the healthiest family on the planet.  .we laugh more than any group of people, well… ever..your laugh has allowed us to let go and laugh..your ability to laugh at yourself has allowed us the joy of laughing at ourselves.  .your ability to For-give us has allowed us experience the giving and receiving of Forgiveness.

security: you and dad have provided us with a safe haven.  .you have provided us with stability.  .you have provided us with rules and regulations to govern ourselves by.  .i don’t know if there is anything more dependable than your jovial persona, welcoming every person who walks through the door of 24 concannon street.

Love: your Love is Heaven-sent.  It is Unconditional.  It is Infinite.  It is Omnipresent.  .if the greatest gift on earth is Love (and it is), then you have shown us the way -- to everlasting Bliss.  wIe LOVE you!

with the deepest of sincerity… Forever yours,

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