Saturday, February 12, 2011


in 1998, the movie "antz" told a story about a colony -- with millions of living things who experienced birth, breath, attraction, death, drama, war, love (and more).

as it turned out, their whole universe was based upon that which they could perceive, and they created myths and stories to explain that which was outside of their conceptual framework.

as it turned out, their whole world was a small patch of sand -- not far from a little pile of trash.

what if the hubble was limited in its conceptual framework?

what if there was a lot more to perceive, but the people who built the hubble were limited to (let's say) five or six relative senses?


on the other hand, what if people/antz were (simultaneously) miraculous creatures -- electromagnetic beings made up of billions of dynamic, solar-systemic atoms?


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