Saturday, January 1, 2011

the key to new year's eve

where it all begins...

julie arrived at about noon, and we walked from the airport to the naval air station (n.a.s. key west).

left and below: beach, and volleyball.  78 degrees.
below: julie tries to prevent a rooster (and her chicks) from crossing a busy street.

below: the inside of captain tony's, a famous/infamous bar -- just off of key west's duval street.


julie's childhood friend (chris cook) is a local musician ( who usually plays at the hog's breath saloon.

he was scheduled to play on an all-you-can-eat-and-drink sunset cruise, and invited us to jump on board (free!).  

..margaritas 1; lenny and jules 0.

below: a totally different perspective of mallory square, at sunset.

 above: chris cook (and roger) after 411 margaritas.

miraculously, we (eventually) made it to duval street for a the lowering of the conch shell, at midnight. ..we attempted to flash the cards (below) in front of the webcam at sloppy joe's. ..several of the cards had names on the back, so please don't feel left out if your name isn't showing.

happy new year!

above: an example of how it goes down (in the street) outside of sloppy joe's.


  1. Awesome! You've got to give us more deets though.....


  2. can't tell you everything!

    all seriousness aside, it is amazing how a crowded street can be full of so many friendly, happy people.