Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eighty years (a preview)

eighty years
by those of us who've been graced (and embraced) by Grace

eighty years of smiles
eighty years of grace
eighty years of sweet emotion, written on her face

eighty years of laughter
eighty years of tears
eighty years of life, a mother/wife at eighty years

* in life, there are certain phenomena that simply cannot be described (God, Love, the afterlife, sunsets, etc.).

* i hereby submit that Josephine femino/martineau fits into the "indescribable" category.

* so let's attempt to describe her, anyway. ..

.for me, Jomemories flow in themes... or successions of moments or bundles of moments or moment after moment (or whatever).
here goes:

1. Josephine Loves kids. ..visits, birthdays, holidays...any day -- Josephine Loves kids. ..i've had friends who were amazed at how much my family honors its young. ..Now, i re-Cognize that (maybe) it's because josephine Loves kids.

2. Josephine Loves to laugh and smile. ..take a trip back to any memory, and you'll re-Member (Josephine, smiling and laughing). ..for the rest of my life, when any member of my family laughs or smiles, i'm going to trace that back to its Source (Jo).   

..thanks, mom!

3. Josephine Loves God. ..this is not a time to contemplate/argue/dispute, or jump onto religious  bandwagons. ..this is a simple Truth: josephine LOVES God.  ..my belief is that everyone of us has been Blessed by this.

..way to go, Jo!.

4. Josephine Loves life. .....and it doesn't matter what cards she is dealt. ..Josephine is grateful for every, single moment -- the good, the bad and the ugly..Jo is happy to be here, playing along with all of us, processing everything while Knowing every-thing while feeling every thing.

the woman is One, of a Kind.

(and that, right Now, is what's on my mind)

we Love You, mom!

note: Josie will be 80 on February 26, 2011.



  1. Hey!

    Who's that cute little baby with Mom and Dad in the circa 1952 photo????

    it's xoxoxo, ME!
    Happy Almost Birthday, Mom!!!

  2. I am so truly blessed to have such an amazing Grandmother! Thanks for posting this Uncle Len!

  3. hi, cheryl and clare!

    i'm not going to miss mom's 80th. i booked a flight to rhode island on the 25th, with a return to charlotte on the 26th -- so it will be a whirlwind!

    party on saturday afternoon!!

    yes, clare, it IS you in that wonder-full picture!