Saturday, January 1, 2011


today was the first day over 70 degrees...

while jogging near the restricted area of n.a.s key west (yesterday), i found a deserted lagoon that very few people (besides navy divers) have ever seen.  ..the spot was loaded with barracuda and several other species of fish.

today -- the decision was made to buy a small fishing pole and check out the action at that lagoon. the final analysis, all a sports-fisherman ever needs is a silver spoon.

 after taking back roads through the woods...

from the first cast to the last, the barracuda couldn't resist the infamous silver spoon. ..a couple of puffer fish hit on a red/white rebel, and the grunts were biting on shrimp.'s amazing how much is going on -- away from the hustle and bustle of duval street.
 above: it might be hard to see, but everything in the water that looks like a stick... is actually a giant barracuda!  (okay... maybe "giant" is a slight exaggeration)

left and below: these... are grunts. ..note: when you catch a "grunt," they actually make a grunting noise -- that is -- until you throw them back into the water.  :)

the barracuda (above) is actually submerged -- yes, under water!
(he's recovering from "biting the hand that caught him")

below: a venomous puffer fish (unpuffed) after being released back into the wild.
above: a horrendous gash, inflicted by the angry 7-foot barracuda, requiring 372 stitches (to avoid amputation).

tomorrow, it's new year's eve day.  ..julie flies in at about noon, and we'll do the ceremonials (duval street waltz, blue heaven, mallory square, sloppy's, cpt. tony's), and as many other things that we can fit in!

tune in to the sloppy joe's webcam at 11pm for your new year's wish.

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