Thursday, August 5, 2010

RI-tinerary, part II

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the schedule from 2-4 august:

2 august: monday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • family day (open)
  • possible ferry, possible whale watching?
  • al, jo, larry, donna, tom, lenny and julie attended aunt bea's funeral service, then spent time with the femino-side of the family at chelos. ..later that day, julie and lenny walked around lincoln woods.  ..we (mom, dad, clare, jerry, tom, donna, steve, john, jessica and kevin) met with eddie pieroni at donna's house.
  • slept at donna's

left: "trouble" (with a capital 't') is our middle name :)

3 august: tuesday
  • clare's day
  • possible ferry ride to block island, rhode island.  tuesday turned into donna's day, and we (clare, tom, julie and lenny) drove down to south county. ..donna and lenny kayaked, while clare, tom and julie visited the coast guard house area for shopping, rock sculpting, and clam cakes.
  • sleep at clare's. slept at clare's.

4 august: wednesday
  • donna's day. ..wednesday got switched with tuesday (which actually was the original, original plan), and the family (mom, dad, clare, jerry, tom, donna, steve, precy, kevin, jessica, lenny and julie) took the ferry to block island. ..lenny and julie rented bikes, and the rest of the fam enjoyed the cuisine at the local block island establishments. ..great time had by all.
  • kayaking?  we're bringing 2 inflatable kayaks
  • sleep at donna's. we went back to clare's and met-up with jerry.  slept at clare's.

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