Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RI-tinerary, part I

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the first three days, from 29 july - 1 august:

29 july: thursday
  • depart charlotte, north carolina, drive through virginia, maryland
  • sleep in carlisle, pennsylvania
below: stayed at carlisle barracks, pennsylvania 

30 july: friday
  • depart carlisle, for providence, rhode island; drive through new york, connecticut
  • evening at al and jo's
below: visited south county (the university of rhode island and hazard rock) prior to finishing-up in providence 

31 july: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • open day: let's do something!  how about a cookout at lincoln woods?  i can teach the kids how to kayak. ..larry offered to bring his canoe(s), and we (julie, kevin, lenny) ended up kayaking and canoeing on a lake in connecticut. ..later, larry invited us over to his house for pizza, where we chatted with rosalie and enjoyed dinner.
  • evening: waterfire in downtown, providence
below: waterfire, 7-31-2010:


1 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with jo and al
  • eric's birthday party, at john and patty's house
  • walk around lincoln woods (with jessie and kevin)

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