Monday, July 5, 2010

what is meditation?

"meditation" is a process of slowing down the physical, allowing for more of a communion with the Meta-physical..there are (literally) thousands of different meditation techniques, many of which share the following:
  • focus the mind (on some type of "centering" mechanism)
  • let go (of jumbled, competing, conflicting thoughts)
  • still the body (or, in some cases, move slowly and purposefully)
  • increase Awareness (by paying attention)
  • "shift" or "return to center" when the mind wanders
there may not be a "right" way to meditate, but here's what a few of the experts advise:
  • begin slowly (it's a process)
    •  a few minutes at a time
    • don't worry about mastery
  • practice at a pre-determined time (every day)
    • morning (at wake-up)
    • evening (before bed)
    • morning and evening
  • practice (sit) in the same place, so as to foster the routine
  • remove distractions (phones, television, etc.)
with practice, the meditator will be able to utilize meditation throughout the day, in the midst of chaos.  s/he will experience clearer thought, improved insight and increased patience as s/he makes better moment-to-moment decisions.

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