Wednesday, July 14, 2010

seeds in the tomato

"you can count the seeds in a tomato, but you can't count the tomatoes in a seed"
-found in Grace Awakening Essence by Diadra Price (2005, page 38).

seeds in the tomato

by veggie t. ative

seeds in the tomato
seeds upon the vine
seeds predict the future in a Play of yours and mine

* a tomato seed can only produce tomatoes (not apples, not puppies, not dolphins). ..this is a Natural Law of Creation, as the created manifests in the Image of its Source

* one tomato seed holds the potential to produce an infinite number of tomato plants, tomatoes, and future tomato seeds. ..this is a Natural Law of Abundance.


-the beginning

* picture "garden tomatoes" by clare dunn

* click here for "seeds"

* click here for "seedless"

33 july... (maybe) thoughts are seeds (2008).doc

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