Sunday, July 11, 2010


by u. r. believable

miracles happen every day, every minute, every moment..the only intangible is whether we re-Cognize miracles (or not). 

the miracle of birth, the miracle of regeneration, the miracle of somatic homeostasis, and the miracle of be-ing.

10 generations ago, the richest king on this planet could never have imagined the magic of flying down a highway at 60 miles per hour.  ..there was no way that a king could listen to his favorite music (on CD or iPod), watch a movie, or fly to another continent. is easy to take simple things for granted.

we live in a challenging time.

we also live in the most dynamic of times, with the most opportunistic of opportunities, with inconceivable communication networks. ..most of us have the undeniable ability to direct our own play.  ..all of us have the ability to respond to adversity with positivity. ..we are response-able.

every day, every minute, every moment (literally), wIe are in the midst of miracles.

what is y/our miracle?

click here for miracle on ice.

click here for A Course In Miracles.

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