Tuesday, July 20, 2010

G∞d (karma)

G∞d (karma)
by ba d. dogma

G∞d karma, Now, at sunrise
G∞d karma, Now, today
G∞d karma, Now (event-full)
G∞d karma, Now, at Play

G∞d karma in a world of Bliss (and oil spills, and drama)
G∞d karma (even when it doesn't seem as if)
G∞d karma

* when It's All G∞d, then (at some level) all karma must be G∞d (even when it's bad).



as the guru's mother (once again) complained about her old, worn-out, clunker of an automobile, 
the wise swami's inner-voice responded with:

"uh... it's your car, ma." 


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