Friday, July 16, 2010

do what you Love

"do what you Love and Love what you do"
found in Grace Awakening Essence by Diadra Price (2005, page 112).

the notion in "do what you Love" is to:

.....(1) pay attention to that which makes you feel Good, and
.....(2) put yourself in a position to experience that feeling more and more and more.

the "paying attention" phase is important, because the real reason that something makes us feel Good might be buried -- layers and layers beneath the surface.  


let's say that a person Loves to eat chocolate cake, because it makes he/r feel Good. ..when s/he asks he/rself "why does eating chocolate cake make me feel Good?" s/he unearths several insights:
  • "chocolate cake is a comfort food for me."
"why do i seek comfort?"
  • "because i feel stress."
"what is the stressor?"
  • "i have anxiety about my lack of financial stability (among other things)."
"why is financial stability important?"
  • "because financial stability would bring me what i want."
"what do i want?"
  • "well... what everyone wants: education for my kids, a house, car, health insurance, etc., etc."
"why are those things important?"
  • "because others will see that i'm successful, and that i've done okay with my life."
"why is that important?"
  • "because i want to feel that i'm worthy, worthwhile, okay."
"why do i want to feel worthwhile?"
  • "because i have feelings of unworthiness."
"based upon what?"
  • "based upon things that i've done.  ..things that i haven't done. ..not living up to my potential, i guess."
"have i done anything worthy of worthiness?"
  • "of course i have." (make a list of all of those things).
"can i do anything worthwhile today?"
  • "certainly.  ..i can give/receive in a more Love-ing manner. ..i can treat people well. ..i can do small things that help to nurture my planet. ..there are a lot of worthwhile things that i can do today.
  • the truth is that it's not the chocolate cake that makes me feel good. fact, sometimes i feel bad after eating chocolate cake.
  • the truth is, what makes me feel Good is "feeling worthy." 
  • the Good news is that (deep inside) i know that i am okay, that i am worthy, and that i can express myself in a Love-ing manner, right now!"

the simple inner-conversation (above) shows us the importance of contemplating that which really makes us feel Good. 

once we determine what we really Love, then "do what you Love."

(in the above example, the person in question could do-be-do something worthwhile/Love-ing
and then re-Cognize he/rself for the Love that s/he Is)

in addition, Diadra notes that there are things in life that we must do (e.g. paying taxes) that don't (innately) feel Good.  ..she mentions that, during those times, we can (at a minimum) proceed from a Love-ing mindset.  ..even those things that don't feel Good can be experienced from a Good perspective.

in the (final?) analysis, we could say that this Whole experience is Good.  ..this Whole experience can be thought of as an Expression of Love, and we feel Good when we align ourselves with Good/Love.

when we don't align ourselves with Good/Love, we tend to feel dis-easy. ..even dis-ease is no-thing more than a signal. ..dis-ease is a gentle re-mind-er that we haven't been aligning with our True Nature.

from a dual/relative perspective, we can wallow in the Ease, and we can use the dis-ease as a signal, a hint that there's a better way to align with Ease.  ..from a Higher Perspective, It Is All Ease.

if (at a Higher Level) "It's All Good," then maybe everything here (even the "bad") is Perfectly set-up for the experience of Good.

what feels Good to you?
who/what/where/when/why/how do you Love?

-to be continued.


  1. On the other hand maybe I just love cake.

  2. yum!

    proof (yet again) that wIe can eat our cake and Love it, too!