Saturday, July 3, 2010

assimilation and elimination

assimilation and elimination

 alternative titles:

"the pain/spasm/pain cycle"


in nature, living things assimilate or consume (nutrients, ideas, etc.) which, after stimulating metamorphic processes, leave behind toxins (waste, thoughts, etc.) for purging or elimination.

the human body goes through the assimilation/elimination cycle as part of a process called homeostasis, which is the phenomenon of harmonic balance within a living organism.

our cells go through a similar process, with nutrients flowing in, metabolic work being done, and toxic waste to be re-moved.

at the musculofascial level, there are times when the tissue “tenses-up” into spasm..tissues get “stuck together” or adhered, and this is often referred to as a "knot" or an “adhesion.”

adhesions are often associated with dehydration..adhesions may also be associated with fear:

as a protective mechanism, the tissue cells huddle together in fright 
(you can feel this for yourself, in the neck or in the abdominal area, during times of distress).   
living systems go out of their way to protect themselves from pain, 
and there is momentary safety in “huddling together.”

this huddling together can be referred to as a spasm.

the problem with a spasm is that it squeezes liquid out of the area, prohibits nutrients from entering the area, and (eventually) inhibits the re-move-all of toxic waste from the area.  increased waste build-up creates pain.

spasm leads to pain.

the problem with pain is that it leads to spasm.

hence, we have a cycle called "the pain/spasm/pain cycle.”

imagine a dried-up sponge, stuck-together (in the middle) by "gunk."
in order to alleviate the pain-full toxicity, it is important to get the tissues to re-lease..many practices can facilitate a musculofascial release:

  • therapeutic massage

  • relaxation

  • meditation

  • energy healing (reiki, polarity, therapeutic touch, etc.)

  • exercise/movement

  • hydration

  • happy thoughts

  • yoga

interestingly enough, each of these practices incorporate breathing techniques. makes sense, then, that (for living, thriving things) breath is not only important for life, but equally important for the harmonic, vibrant sustainment of that life.

High Level Wellness (in a sense) refers to Wholeness, and involves rebalancing – which is often labeled as Healing.  we experience Healing (or Whole-ing) “holistically,” as a process that involves multiple dimensions.

Wellness is a multidimensional process.  ..It’s not just nutrition, or exercise, or stress reduction, or Spiritual Awareness.  ..High Level Wellness is experienced as we influence a number of intricately connected phenomena.

in time of holiday, we can readily notice the effects of consumption and elimination, in terms of both “matter” and thought…

…and (at this earth-bound level, at least), that really matters.


  1. On the list of what relieves the pain/spasm/pain cycle, you forgot to put "dancing like a maniac in the kitchen to Love Shack by the B52's."

    The verification word is "yogra"...add that to the list too!

  2. thanks, no one!

    your message (as always) is simple, yet profound:

    "when at the Dance... DANCE!"