Friday, July 9, 2010

"bliss" = the absence of bliss

bliss = the absence of bliss
by b. l. issful

alternative title: it's all relative

"bliss" refers to a state of ecstasy, joy, constant happiness, etc.

question: would you like to live in a world of only bliss?

problem: a world of only bliss (continuous, eternal ecstasy) would, by definition, be monotonous. ..think about it: would we want a 24-7-365 sunset? ..24-7-365 love-making?  ..24-7-365 ice cream? ..24-7-365 anything?

the reason why we can feel the bliss surrounding a gorgeous sunrise is that we don't experience 24-7-365 gorgeous sunrises! ..bliss, by definition, needs the experience of non-bliss -- in order for bliss to Be -- at all! 

example ("only rich"): if everyone on the planet was rich, from birth throughout life (e.g. if there was no such thing as the absence of richness), how could we even define or describe or experience "rich"?

"rich" needs the absence of riches.

the absence of bliss (negative bliss, bliss minus, etc.) can include any state that isn't blissful.  .grief, misery, sorrow, unhappiness -- heck, even feelings of boredom, satisfaction, and adequacy aren't blissful.  ..competency, niceness, ease, and health might feel good, but none could be described as blissful, relative to bliss.

the only reason why anyone can ever experience anything close to bliss, ever -- is that s/he has also experienced the absence of bliss.

it is Be-Cause of the absence of bliss, that we can Know bliss.

deduction: if bliss can only be experienced because of the absence of bliss, then the absence of bliss is (potential, future) bliss.  

relatively speaking... the absence of bliss is bliss.


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