Thursday, July 8, 2010

100 degrees

by a. l(i)en

the northeastern part of the united states is experiencing a dreadful "heat wave," meaning that (in some places) the temperature might get close to 100 degrees for two days in a row! ..naturally, the national media outlets are caught-up in a drama-filled frenzy over this, citing how people are "seeking cooler air, passing out, and dying."

in the past, this heat wave phenomenon has been known to occur in other parts of the country, but instead of running out of ice and crying about amageddon, the locals refer to this type of weather as, uh...


it is important to note that there are reports of other places on planet earth where the temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees. is unknown (at this time) if human-type people can actually survive under these dreadful conditions, especially "without air conditioning." ..our prayers go out to those who have actually had to experience the unfathomable discomfort of "sweat."

once again: we are sooooooooooooo lucky that our earthly media outlets (and weather channels) strive to report the news, as opposed to sensationalizing in any way, shape, or form.

"film at 11"...

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