Friday, June 11, 2010

statistical analysis

statistics: a mathematical description of the past.

analysis: the process of observation and deduction, often used to predict the future.

statistical analysis: the mathematical description of the past, using the process of observation and deduction, that does nothing more than to give us some-thing to jib-jab about while we live in the present and ponder the future.

again: statistics mean no-thing ..what matters (in this, the manifestation of a non-matter-ial world) is that which we think, that which we focus upon, that which we believe, that which we say and what which we do...

right here, right now, NOW.


  1. Statistical analysis predicts that 45% of your readers will agree with this; 25% will disagree; and 100% are unsure!

    The verification word is "dithory".

  2. statistically speaking, this blog is unsure 100% of the time.

    do all dithories merely point towards everyone's ultimate mystory?

    and if so, what level of significance (percentage-wise) is enough to prove the null hypothesis?