Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"i inhaled"

"i inhaled"
by e. x. piration

inspiration/expiration (symbiotic stream)
opposites attract in this, a very lucid dream
bury head in sand, or set your wing-to-wing (and sail)
given choice of life or death (a breath) yes:

i inhaled

* any exercise physiologist (or 1st grader) knows that "to not inhale" is to die.

* if life is a series of inspirations and expirations, and if we indeed have an earth-bound choice to play armadillo or eagle, then it's Perfectly Perfect for some to play it cautious while others push the edge. ..it doesn't make one "right" or the other "wrong," but instead it adds flavor to the stew.

* some focus on the inhalation; some focus on the expiration; some hold their breath; and some yell and scream with reckless abandon.

* in the end, we'll all finish this, the human race, and we'll probably have a bit of a laugh during the after-party.


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