Tuesday, June 29, 2010



by a. littlebird

taste a sip of sweet surrender
go to where you're from
in a world where wIe (pretender), turn to sender:


* when "return to sender" signals a coming home of sorts, it's encouraging to experience sips of sweetness during the (apparent) journey.

* maybe (if life is but a Dream), wIe are already Home.

* maybe (just maybe) the journey is One of enterain'tment, and the Whole ride is designed to chill, to spill, and to thrill.

* other-wise, why dis(embark) in the First place?

inSpired by a couple of pretty extraordinary birds. ..pictured (above and below) are the hummingbird and the sandpiper, two of the most inSpiring creatures on this young planet earth.

no, i don't expect anyone to understand any of this...


* pictures taken with a cheap, broken-down, digital camera that everyone tells me to get rid of.

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