Wednesday, June 30, 2010



by n. o. idea

question: how can anyone perceive a situation like the oil spill, or 911, or the holocaust... and come out of the negative spiral with a positive inclination?

* if we address the situation at the level at which it was created (e.g. the material world), our attempts may indeed be futile.

* if, however, we can step back, detach a bit, and perceive the situation from a more global or Uni-Versal level, wIe would likely be able to come up with numerous scenarios that would lead to positive feelings.


1. "avoidable oil spill spews sludge on beautiful white-sand beaches."

potential thought-outcomes:

a. maybe the you-man race needs to slow down.

b. maybe we shouldn't allow capitalism to capitalize at will.

c. maybe we (humans) can release the idea of separation, nationality, and differentiality -- and begin to think of ourselves as One: co-inhabitants of a planet.


 ...just maybe...


  1. Sounds good Dude...good luck with that!

  2. hey, no one!

    my blog is experiencing some "technical difficulties" but should be up and colorful again in a day or so.

    yeah, it might be a challenge to organize (globally), or maybe not.
    also, if every "we" in this post was changed to an "i", then the action would take place at an individual level.

    i know that, at the Nondual Level, this is all just part of the drama, but at the drama level, we can (at a minimum) play along and chart individual courses.

    at some Level, it's still All Good,