Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eureka! (california)

our travels have taken us from gold beach, oregon... to:
  • brookings, oregon
  • crescent city, california (giant redwoods)
  • eureka, california (lots of coffee, etc.)
  • arcata, california (really big redwoods -- with lots of moss; and beach -- with lots of driftwood)

pictured below: where's julie?

above: just a slug, like one of us :)


  1. That's not a slug - it looks like a leaf to me!

  2. Nature is beautiful but that hot tub looks espcecially appealing!

  3. yes, jean, it was a slug-leaf. it's considering the vibrant colors, it's hard to imagine what josephine might have come up with.

  4. what's up, sue?

    the hot tub was GREAT at night, with the ocean visible from the deck.

    the oregon coast is beautiful, and the locals say that the best time to visit (for sun) is from mid-july through mid-september.