Saturday, June 12, 2010


the purpose of this post is to flash back to (just a few) moments of Bliss.

given that it is media's job (not fault, but tendency) to focus on less than 1-trillionth of that which could be called "news," it is also possible to re-Member the billions of positive, bliss-full, and often miraculous events that are happening in our world, right Now.

wIe would suggest that y/Our life experience (literally) depends upon that which we tap into, and that our experience depends upon which channel we select. surmises that we control the remote.

...but nobody ever needs to believe this, or anyone, or anything. ..each can tap-into his/her own Knowingness.


tap into Unifying positive forces/pictures/thoughts (such as harmony, nature, nurture, Love, collaboration, cooperation, beauty and Bliss). ..while tapping-in to the positive, might we feel better than when we dwell on the negative?


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  1. So true, so true. Whatever sells makes news, an interesting study in itself. But life exists in balance, so there's a lot of great stuff no one is reporting on.

  2. agreed.

    at this very moment, our physical bodies are a living miracle, consisting of bundles of electromagnetic energy that literally "come to life" via sensory processes.

    maybe it's time to tune-In.