Friday, May 21, 2010

reflections (and re-mind-ers)

twelve-sided mirror 
cine m. atic and r. e. flection (2004)

twelve-sided mirror, looking back at me

showing all the things i think i think i think i see
showing all my thought-processes, showing my projections
showing now: twelve-sided mirror

(lifetime of reflections)

* and, if i can reveal (re-Heal) any one of my projections, then every-thing that it represents will be Healed -- because Healing does not happen “out there,” rather, Healing happens in Here.

Heal (you)
Heal (me)
Heal (us)
Heal (wIe)


pictures, drawings, watercolor, word-art:

* reflection lake by clare dunn
* reflections of a sailboat by clare dunn
* martineau-poly by jessica martineau
* living room display by josephine martineau
* ponce de leon springs by l. martineau
* wIe (lazy susan) by ashley martineau
* transapparent sandbar by l. martineau
* eye-i-eye by l. martineau
* freedom by l. martineau 
* white hand by l. martineau
* giraffes by clare dunn
martineau, l. (1-4.3-2004). book 26: twelve-sided mirror. © 2007 by

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