Saturday, May 22, 2010


alternative title:  
every-thing (really... Really) 

in a world where No One is your friend, and where Everyone is your Brother/Sister, and where the most coveted of Jewels simply appears at your doorstep...

every-thing (really, Really, REALLY) is...


* oysters need sand, in order to make pearls, and
* butterflies need the experience of caterpillaring, in order to (one day) fly, and
* seminoles need gators, in order to Play, and
* girls need boys, in order to re-Create, and
* coal needs pressure, in order to birth a diamond, and
* democrats need republicans, in order to mass-debate, and
* green energy needs oil spills, in order to convince us of the need to convert, and
* anti-matter needs matter, and
* the idea of "right" needs the idea of "wrong," and
* this needs that, relatively speaking, and
* we need they, in order to Know who we are, and
* Light needs shadow (the absence of Light), in order to experience ItSelf, and
* Love (literally) needs ego (the illusion of the absence of Love), in order to experience H/ErSelf tangibly...


...every thing is not only okay, but it is also Perfectly Perfect, setting us up for the act of experiencing ourselves through It.  ..every, single piece of sensory data that wIe pick up...

(literally, one-in-a-trillion)
. Perfectly de-signed to catapult us to the next Higher Level experience... that can only catapult us to the next... and the next.

(even when it doesn't seem that way)

It's a fail-safe system, and
as No One might say:

"wIe've got no choice in the matter."

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