Wednesday, May 12, 2010

no clue

no clue
by i. m. clueless

no clue about the Uni-Verse
no clue about the about Creation
no clue about the after-life, or this re-incarnation

no clue on how to fix the spill; no clue on what to do
no clue (amid a world of news), we haven't got
no clue

* whether it's the "newly dis-covered hole in outer space," or a feeble attempt to fix a situation that grew out of our own, known (hazardous) dependency on oil... have proven, once again, that we haven't got a clue.

* the funny thing is that the clues are out there, for anyone to observe.

* the un-funny thing is that prevention would be relatively easy, if we simply choose to pay any attention to any of the simple laws of Nature.

* the Truth is that we cannot not learn (event-u-ally) -- even if it's the last one of us, turning out the lights on our own mystory...

...a mystory entitled "clueless."


just maybe... 
cosmical things that happen on a global level are like giant picture-windows... 
providing insights into the workings of our own, 

----------epilogue II------------

maybe we are on the verge...
...of exponential Collective Awareness.

maybe we're just a tiny spin... the ever-flowing re-cycle.

no clue.


-pictures from different parts of the wash/cycle: cambodia; thailand; fiji; and the gulf coast, u.s.a. (2008) 

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