Saturday, May 22, 2010

is it time to switch to solar & wind energy?

answer: (duh... yup. ..several years ago)

alternative title: what's the (uh) rush?

picture yourself, living-out the rest of your entire life 
 in your beautiful, warm, crystal-clear hot tub.
imagine that the water in your tub is responsible for the healthy re-production 
of hundreds of thousands of the most delicate processes in your body. 

imagine if (uh, oh) due to an accident, two or three small oil leaks appear at the bottom of your hot tub.

imagine that the leaks are constantly spewing motor-oil into your crystal-clear water. ..imagine further, that your hot tub has an automatic system of circulating the oily water throughout y/our entire area. 

now imagine that the company (whose oil is leaking) has "teamed-up" with a "govern-ment," and that they've decided to:

1. burn a fraction of the oil off of the top of the tub, and
2. dump permanent toxins into your tub in order to keep the oil from getting to the surface, and
3. place three or four toothpicks (called "oil booms") approximately 1/100th of an inch away from the edge of the tub, in order to "block" the oil from making landfall (whaaa?), and
4. write letters to each other, in order to decide how much information that they'd provide to you, and
5. hope and pray that ill-fated solutions might (with luck) eventually stop the spill...

...while telling you that they'll soon be forming a committee to investigate the safety of the thousands of other oil rigs that are already operating in your hot tub.

imagine if the oil spillage continued for a month (or worse yet, several months)?

imagine if...

(question: do you think that things could get any worse,
during the june - october hurricane season?)

for an answer to that... periodically, uh...
(1) cycle your hot tub's jets, then
(2) soak, then
(3) repeat.


* maybe, just maybe, it's time for humanity to consider switching to solar and wind energy sources.


  1. You said it so well...
    It's way past the time to switch to solar.
    Never will I go to a BP station again..NEVER
    It's equal to a nuke in the Gulf of Mexico. Our lives will never be the same.. :( Imagine 25k+++ barrels a day.
    Let's all get as green as we can.

  2. in a world where the most powerful of countries are trigger-finger ready to "send in the marines" at the drop of a militant hat, why can't we send in an army save the marine?

    could a naval "embargo" of hay, for example, have surrounded this evil axis of b.petroleum and depleted its ability to spew?

    just a random thought.

    confused (and dazed),