Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fanta-sea of Light

fanta-sea of Light
by e. n. gulfed

dance of brilliant sparkles
there's no wrong or right
there's no up or down (surrounded):
fantasy of Light

there's no smile or frown (unbounded):
fanta-see of Light

(the end?)

* dr. michael ryce is currently presenting a series of workshops in charlotte, nc -- and he has been emphasizing the quantum-physical, immaterial, energetic nature of that which we perceive with our extremely limited senses.

* is our glimpse of the Uni-Verse but a speck of light, in a Sea of Light?

* or (or better yet, and) are wIe the observer and the Observed, playing the Game of Love with ourselves?

* or (or more likely, and) are wIe the Observer and the observed, Expressing Love as Light, interpreted (here) as apparently oppositical tendencies?

* in a world of fantasies and illusions, the concepts of up/down/left/right act as minit-y/our speckles of Oneness, Dancing on a breeze of Light...

where everything (All-Right).


* pictures of light taken on santa rosa island (gulf coast, u.s.a.) and at "thunder over louisville" (kentucky).

* click here for thunder over louisville

* click here for a flashback: symphony of Light

* question: in a world where that which we see is illusions, what is In-sight?

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