Friday, May 14, 2010

everyOne (bi-polar)


everyone: bi-polar
everyone: the Same
everyone, a Player (in this very funny Game)

everyone: bi-polar
everyone: Complete
every one of us is indescribably U-nique.

* in a world where every, single one of us has a multiple-personality order with bipolar tendencies, a simple shift in awareness can (literally) trans-form an experience, allowing for an incredible  transcend-dance (of sorts).

* "bi-polar" refers to oppositical thoughts and feelings (even if the polar ends are extremely close together).

* some of us prefer the security of the fishbowl, while others opt for the hazards associated with the open ocean. ..both come (Complete) with advantages and disadvantages.

* in any event, there are moments when we wish that we were at the other end of our own spectrum, even as wIe are... both ends, simultaneously.



everyOne (bi-polar)

* picture "twin flame" taken of a painting that was located in the town of la fortuna, c.r. (march, 2009).

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