Thursday, May 13, 2010

brighter days ahead

although it would be easy to get down (especially if one focuses on the news), countless rays of hope pre-pave the path to our future.'s generation is probably more aware of global/ecological issues than any generation in recent memory. ..the future movers n' shakers of the world are going to have more information at their fingertips than ever before. my circles, i've recently run across young people who seem to express what can only be described as a "Higher Consciousness."

where do we put our focus?

one can only be amazed at the resiliency and Spirit of those who have experienced this dramatic ebb and flow called "life." my own family, parents are aging. ..the current economic situation has been challenging. ..two of my family members' homes have recently experienced flooding. ..

...but wIe wake-up Knowing that there are brighter days ahead.

family meetings are being planned, family reunions are on the horizon, and (most of all) Love abounds. ..we have sooooooooooooooooo much to be grateful for. ..the challenges that we've faced have only made us stronger.

the Truth of the matter is that brighter days are Here right Now...


...there are brighter days ahead.

* picture "sparkling dunes" taken at sunset, after a hike around st. joe park on cape san blas, gulf coast, florida, u.s.a.


  1. Gorgeous photo...great words.

    Thanks, my Brother...

    xoxoxo, me

  2. and YOU, my sis, are one of those resilient, Spirited individuals who continues to find a way to find a way to see the positive side of some very, very challenging situations.

    Truly... an In-Spiration!