Thursday, April 29, 2010

"it's your karma"

it's your kar-ma
by swami beynodananda


swami's mother: "oh, swami. ..why does this always happen to me?"

swami: "what is it, mom?"

swami's mother: "swami...'s my old chevy wagon... it's dented and it rattles. ..the tires are bald, the brakes squeak, and paint is chipping off of the hood. leaks oil, and there's a crack in the windshield. ..the driver's-side seat is worn and uncomfortable, and the radio only tunes-in to the frequencies that i don't like!"
"why is all of this happening to me, swami, why?"

swami: "uh, well... it's your car, ma."


* story, paraphrased from swami beyondananda (click here) on "the yogi from muskogee"

* picture "kar-ma" taken on caye caulker, 2009 by l. martineau.

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