Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sometimes, life ain't fair

sometimes, life ain't fair
by u. n. fair

sometimes, life ain't fair

when the bad of day
when the flip of coin  
when we've lost our way
when the darkness/dawn
when the pain is near
when the sky is cloudy, that's when

sometimes, life ain't fair

* or, could it be that life is not only All-Ways fair, but All-Ways Perfectly Unfolding?

* is it possible that "bad things" can (Really) be Good things, in disguise?

* is it possible that the apparently unfair times can wake us up to the plethora of miraculous moments that are happening, every single second of every, single day?


* graphics by microsoft clipart.

* maybe life is One, Big Fair.


  1. So true - we don't know what's "good" for us.

  2. ...and...

    wIe can't help but become more and more Aware of that Goodness, as the process unfolds.

    "bad stuff" and "good stuff" is the Same stuff, insomuch as both (eventually) lead to the experience of more Good stuff.

    hence, It's All Good stuff!
    thanks, no one!