Saturday, April 10, 2010


back in flight school, each u.s. army helicopter was outfitted with a "p.w.d." (proximity warning device).  ..the purpose of the device was to warn a pilot, in the event that another aircraft was in close proximity. ..the idea (in the sky) is to avoid proximity, and to distance yourself from other flyers.

when someone gets too close, 
a red light flashes on the control panel, and a loud siren sounds:
"whoooop!  whooooop! whooooooooop!  whoooooop!"

over the years, it appears as though i may have utilized the pwd system in many ways, not the least of which was in relationships.  ..when things got too close or potentially harm-full, i'd pull pitch, or decelerate, or dive left, or autorotate -- all in an effort to a-void.

allow me to introduce the PED (Proximity Embracing Device). ..this device allows others to get close, and it embraces the idea that wIe may already, in fact, be Joy-ned..the PED isn't a physical device, although is often associated with the human heart.

don't get me wrong... lenego still harbors a functional pwd..the Good news is that the PED is up and fully operational, and it feels better than the alternative.

with two of the most dazzling women in my life here, today, it isn't hard at all to smile... and to tune-up the PED.



  1. What an amazing weekend my dear...thank you once more for sharing your terrific friends with me!
    Couldn't have gotten any better, could it??

    (And it doesn't hurt one little bit to be called 'dazzling"!!!)

    Much Love,

  2. "it's a beautiful day...
    ...don't let it get away!"

    (should be our theme song)

    with jewels like these, the term "rich" is exponentially redundant.


  3. Thank you both for such a wonderful weekend. I've never been called dazzling - I love it! Now I have to live up to it. Day 1 of my new life.

    Love ya,

  4. dazzle on, my sweet!

    i also want to thank YOU (in advance) for the framing of the coveted "covered bridge" drawing, as it will connect both households with the energy of a 12-year old.