Friday, April 30, 2010

organized chaos

alternative title: "you might as well go down swinging.

anyone who has ever been to a big-time professional golf tournament knows about organized chaos.  

imagine 50,000 people with no assigned seating, over the course of 18 holes and several threesomes. ..further imagine that half of those people are consuming copious amounts of adult beverages.

the sun was high in the sky, the course was green (except for the greens), and the fans were very respectful of the tiger -- even as he experienced the worst round of golf of his professional life..

to me, the intriguing thing had nothing to do with his play or the score. had to do with a person who has had the most personal of personal information dissected by the piranha-like media, only to get back out onto the course and play the game. ..i admire that.

throughout the event, you can't help but overhear the underhanded remarks made by those who have no idea of what another person is going through in his/her life.

maybe there's a part of us that feels sooooooooo inadequate that we focus upon the successes/failures of others in order for our egos to prove that we are somehow separate from them.

the (big) learning point (for me, today) was that wIe are not separate.  

((you and i are connected in ways that we could never, ever image-in.))


sidenote: here's what i felt, today:

i felt a bunch of people, wishing that we could possibly forgive ourselves of all of the thoughts, words, and deeds that have come to fruition (during this lifetime) via our ocobodymind.

at the same time, however, i felt a sense of okay-ness... a sense that each of us was already Perfectly Perfect, just the way we are...

there was a sense of a Perfect Uni-Verse, a Perfect unfolding, a Perfect under-standing, a Perfect-ly expanding Uni-Verse.


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