Friday, April 2, 2010

ninja melissa

dustin's girlfriend (ninja mel) executes a few parade laps around reafield village.

q: does the future involve motorcycles?


  1. YES!!!!!

    Oh to the Odd Balls Biker Buddies and Babes.....

    Lets ride, feel the rush of the cool breezes upon the glistening skin. Listen to the roar of your lover's engine as she accompanies your side, smell the fragrances of the energy expelling motion of physical bliss... Yes Let us ride my friends..
    Beside... how HOTT do the ladies look adrift a powerful piece of machinery... We will try to keep up...

  2. Dustin brothah,

    You are the man, and dudette DOES look quite sporty on the ride.

    May you both have many, many happy trips to add to the numerous AWESOME times that you've already experienced.