Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"God needs us"

"God needs us"(1)

taken out of context, the title of this thoem might seem blasphemous (to some) 
-- but there's a deeper meaning, here:

Oneness It-Self (the All), could not "Be" or "Express" ItSelf -- without expression..we (the expressed) are the cutting-edge... the outer-limit... the process (if you will)... of Allness.

duality is the expression of Nonduality, insomuch as
the created is the expression of the Creator, insomuch as
the art is the expression of the Artist, insomuch as
any "thing" is the expression of its Source.

in a relative world, Love, Love-ing... expresses (or, better yet, is interpreted) as apparent duality.

the illusion of opposites...
(fear/love, bad/good, masculine/feminine, arteries/veins, dark/light
...is no-thing more than a labeling of infinite variety, 
which (in order to be varietal) must have 

in reality, opposites need each other, in order to Know themselves.

in Reality, Spirit needs that which matters, in order for any thing to matter-i-All-ize.

in Reality, It's... All... G∞D needs us.


(1) quote by Rev. Julie, on 4-11-2010, during a talk entitled "do i need to see it to Believe it?"

* graphic by microsoft clipart 

* creations are in the image-I-nation of the Creator, which is why dogs don't give birth to trees, and why mustard seeds don't grow up into rosebushes.

-the end? 

* it is important to note that any blog is merely a collection of musings, and (by definition), the most that any post could hope for is to be a-musing.


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