Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's All good karma

karma: the idea that "every thought or word or deed that we give out will revisit us as an experience."'s the notion that "what goes around comes around," etc., etc.

what if...

every, single thought, word and deed (even the "bad" ones) were part of a Larger phenomenon that was hell-bent on getting to Know Itself via evolution? other words, what if Goodness experiences more Goodness by experiencing that which appears to be bad?  

 huh? other words, doesn't a Play (one with a Happy ending/beginning/ending) need some unhappiness, if only as a reference point? ..would you pay to watch a 120-minute movie that consisted of nothing other than "Good" projected onto the screen... or would you prefer a little variety?

what if... the Uni-Verse Is Happy, from beginning-to-end, eternally?

what if... It's All Good?

what if... the cutting edge of Goodness (the "farthest thing away" from Good) is merely that which we label as "bad," while (simultaneously) It's All Good?

what if... darkness is but an illusion, propagated by a momentary experience of "away" from Eternal Light? ..what if Light needs a different perspective, in order to experience Itself as Light?

what if... every-thing: All-Right?

what if... the only karma is Good karma?

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