Sunday, April 25, 2010

grounded for life

"you are grounded for life!" is one of those anger-filled, fear-full li(e)nes expressed by a parent whose child has practiced some form of nonconformity.

what (pray tell), does "grounded" Really mean?

to be "grounded" or "here" implies that a human, being, is very Aware of he/r earth-bound surroundings.  ..s/he understands the nature of things, and s/he is natural.

"grounded" also implies that s/he is balanced, and that he/r mater-i-al essence is Aware of the fact that s/he is a Spiritual Being, having a momentary physical experience.

S/He is an Expanding Universe, enjoying some very miniscule earth-e-real time.

s/he is not "ground-in" or overly attached to he/r physical experience, but rather, s/he is...

grounded for Life.  


* description of "groundedness" by julie b.

* picture ("grounded," 2008) of krazy katie from canada, on kuatu island, fiji.

* inspired, in part by the "re-velation" that wIe live in an expanding Uni-Verse.

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