Tuesday, April 20, 2010

free won't

free won't
by fre e. will

free to choose your future
free to marry ("dooooon't!")
free to lose (or leave confused), i'm unamused: 
free won't

* inspired by florida state university, and alfred mele's research into free will, for which the john templeton foundation has given a 4.4 million dollar grant.

* although research by benjamin libet (1916-2007) led to libet's deduction that free will doesn't exist, mele believes that parts of libet's research process were flawed. ..it is interesting to note that, although libet rejected the idea of free will, he did believe in "free won't," the idea that humans were free to decide what not to do.


* near the turn of the century, a man named albert used the term "dooooooooon't" as a one-word guideline regarding the practice of what not to do, in terms of marriage.


* research by kathleen voh and jonathan schooler showed that those who read a "no-free-will" passage were more likely to cheat, while roy baumeister found that "reducing people's belief in free will..." makes them "more likely to lie, cheat, steal, hurt an innocent person, and conform mindlessly to what others say." (1)

* with all of this research going on, i'm choosing to withhold opinion on the free will controversy, for Now. ..but is that simply a willingness to practice free won't?


1. pool, robert (2010). the willing mind. research in review, p. 28. spring, 2010: florida state university.

note: this whole post (thoem included) was written in order to print the title, which (from a wordplay perspective) is great fun (i.m.h.o.). ..one could say that i had no choice but to post it.

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