Thursday, April 1, 2010

false start

false start
by t. ouch and g. ohhhhh

a "false start" (in swimming) occurs when the athlete jumps into the water ahead of time.

maybe s/he over-anticipated, maybe s/he was impatient, or maybe s/he just wanted to feel what it feels like. .. in any case, a false start can be embarrassing (especially when it's done in front of a crowd).

there's something hero-ic, however, about climbing back out of the pool, about stepping back up onto the podium, about getting another chance.  

false starts (here) can actually serve us... 
...especially when we learn to be a little more aware, Now.

q: is it possible that a series of false starts could actually help someone go for the gold?


* inspired by talking with a love-ly woman about "false starts"

* pictures by microsoft clipart


  1. sooooooooooooooooo right...
    ...which is (basic-ally) a perfect example of one.

  2. As usual, you inspire...

    I will add;
    There could, in fact, be a myriad of reasons for someone's "false start(s), but the reasons I believe fall away when the proverbial "swimmer" steps up to the podium and for once, feels the peace, inner knowing and triumphant self assurance that THIS race is NOT a race at all...but the the CHANCE that has been sought all along.
    Knowing that the mere feel of the water as the dive is made, and quiet movement of the body in perfect harmony is peaceful and perfect.

    Love Always,

  3. sometimes we call these things "mistakes," but, as even those SERVE us -- in a Perfect, Harmonic World.

    having made my share of false-starts/mistakes, it is refreshing to connect with the idea that this is not a race, and that we may have already One.

    right now, the water feels nice.