Wednesday, April 21, 2010



1. the greatest or utmost degree or point.
2. either of the two things situated at opposite ends of a range.

ex-Stream: that which was formerly the Stream, but is now experiencing itself as otherwise (see "extreme").

according to Abraham-hicks, "paddling upstream" is futile, because "everything that we want" is downstream. fact, she insinuates that wIe are the Stream, but we experience ex-Stream/extreme in order re-Cognize that "going with the flow" is not only easier, but It Is (event-u-ally) inevitable.

in other words, paddling against the current allows us to determine what we don't want (e.g. dis-ease), so that we can desire what we do want (Ease), which defines the cutting edge of the Stream's flow.

the Good news is that It Is a fail-safe system, and experts in Nonduality can be very much tapped-into this Knowing, a lot of the time.

the other Good news is that It Is a fail-safe system, and those who paddle extremely hard against the current are co-Creating just as much as those who are Highly Evolved.

the (drum roll...) Really Good news (for those who duel/dual) is that Every-One of us is Highly evoLved, and the Stream is Perfectly Unfolding, Flowing in All of Its Glory, any-way.

the (end?) result... is the best ride in the Uni-Verse.

 -the end/beginning/begend/Now


* definition of "extreme" by the free online dictionary

* pictures of streams (in north carolina) by l. martineau.


  1. You're doing a great job describing timelessness.

  2. hello, no one,

    does that mean that i'm finally getting the timelessness thing down, this time?