Thursday, April 15, 2010


how could anyone ever "dis" Ease?

* disease: sickness, illness, prevalence of symptoms

* ease: flow, relaxation

* Ease: the Way, the Path, the All, the Stream, the Energetic Flow of Life

how could any-One ever "dis" Ease?

the symptoms are obvious:

* we dis-ease when we mis-align (kind of like an airplane, missing the runway)...
* we dis-ease when we mis-take (which is the opposite of For-Give)
* we dis-ease when we "paddle against the current" - Abraham-hicks

* we Ease ...when we All-ign,
* we Ease ...when we Praise,
* we Ease ...when we let go, and when we Flow,
* we Ease ...when we Know -- that Every-thing is All-right, All-Ways, For-ever...

-the end/beginning/end/beginning...


* the resistance of the Flow is Soul-y for the purpose of the Flow, keeping current.

* ego-ic perspective is for the Soul purpose of allow-ing the Is to look in the mirror.


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