Monday, April 12, 2010

baboon, phoenix, jackal, muskrat (etc.)

note: jean is visiting (from tampa, florida).

this morning, we (jean, julie, lenny) invented a few new Yoga asanas..expect to practice these soon:
  • baboon
  • phoenix
  • jackal
  • muskrat 

"baboon" pose is found via warrior I, as you arch into a crescent, opening the chest and eyes skyward. ..using open fists, you alternatively beat on the upper fibers of pectoralis major.  

"wild baboon":
shout "oo-oo-oo-oo" during the beating of the chest.

 "phoenix" is another offshoot of the crescent version of warrior I.  

..with the arms extended skyward, the Yogi will slowly flap his/her arms back (as if flying toward the sun), and then slowly slice the arms forward, reaching up to the extended position.   

(flap/extend, repeat)

"jackal" is experienced as an advanced transition from downward-facing dog, prior to a forward-fold. ..from downward dog, bend the knees and elbows while arching the back and looking forward.  

..the intention (during jackal) is to "pounce," and leap the feet forward, ending with the feet in-between the hands, with the knees bent as much as necessary.

"muskrat" is one of very few facial poses in Yoga.  muskrat is a slight modification of "bull," which is the counter-pose of lion. ..with bull, the lips are "pooched-out" with eyes squinted shut, as if kissing a lemon.  

lion/bull is practiced in conjunction with cat/cow.

muskrat elevates the orbicularis oris superior (baring the front teeth), while blinking the eyes.

honorable mention:

"tarzan" is an advanced variation of wild baboon. ..instead of shouting "oo-oo-oo-oo," the Yogi yells -- like tarzan:  

note: during tarzan, the forearms may be supinated in such a way as to turn the palms toward the chest, beating the second digits of each finger against the upper fibers of pectoralis major

disclaimer: don't try these at home.


* graphics from microsoft clipart 



    1. note: on 4-13-2010, the following asanas were introduced:

      * muskrat
      * phoenix
      * jackal

      muskrat was fun (and that's no bull), and the story of the phoenix was highlighted during its expression.

      do you think that it would be beneficial for the Yoga student to embrace each posture from the perspective of how it might relate to the art/science of Union?

    2. Well, OF COURSE!!!
      I think that is a grand idea that should be discussed and implemented immediately.


    3. hey, jules,

      and so it is written, and so it is being done.