Wednesday, March 24, 2010


by lenny 

triangulation: a term used in orienteering, research and relationships.  it is a technique by which a navigator can pinpoint or define an unknown location by using two known locations.  in research, triangulation refers to a process of validating the analysis by using two (or more) research methods to “triangulate,” thereby getting a better perspective of that which is being observed.

in relationshipsuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

triangulation happens all of the time, when three people know each other.  here’s how it works:

“given a group of three, when one member is absent,
the remaining two will talk about the one who is absent.”

the (above) quote shows another, very good reason to stay Present,
but that’s another story, in and of itself.

in triangulation, when two people are talking/gossiping about a third, an interesting phenomenon is taking place:

  • if the self-esteem of the talkers is healthy/high, they will tend to focus on the positive aspects of the absent individual.

  • if the self-esteem of the talkers is unhealthy/low, they will tend to focus on the negative aspects of the absent individual.

this phenomenon also occurs constantly in the media, and media-ocre-ite (viewer) is bombarded unendingly with the low self-esteem projections of (apparently) confident media personalities who are (very likely) miser-able.

but this is the interesting part:

the talking/gossiping does not mean that all talkers/gossipers are “bad” people.  all it means is that they are actually saying more about themselves than they are about the third party.

  • judgment defines the judge

  • Praise defines the appraiser

  • criticism defines the critic

  • Forgiveness defines the For-giver

  • anger defines the angry

  • Love defines the Lover

  •  shame and blame define the bestower

…but there’s even a deeeeeeeeeper level, Here:

triangulation doesn’t define the person, but rather, it un-covers how an individual is feeling at that particular moment.  it allows us to introspectively determine whether we are moment-arily centered in fear or in Love; in ego or in Union; in physical or in Spirit.

once we Awaken into self-Consciousness, we can then decide how to proceed from tHere.

-the Beginning.

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