Monday, March 8, 2010

to swim against the current

to swim against the current
by s. almon

to swim against the current
to wallow in the past
to worry about future
to get to nowhere, fast

* of course, the flip-side is that "swimming against the current":
  • builds strength and endurance
  • is practiced routinely, in nature (after all, flying "into the wind" creates "lift")
  • helps to re-fine our ability to lessen resistance
  • allows us to co-create flow
...and on and on and on...

* yes, this blog might also be entitled ("bi-polar-us")

* pictures of sky mountain's stream (north carolina), and a trout in that stream, swimming against the current (2008, l.martineau).

* question: during the journey Home, is a salmon getting nowhere, or does s/he experience NowHere?


  1. Sometimes, if ya don't think about it too much, resistance just drops away.

  2. so true.

    and one peek around the office (or the highway) reveals that resistance and flow are happening all of the time.

    s'all good,